Being Miss Maumee Valley

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Congratulations to the New Titleholders- Lauren Hogan, Kristen Haas and Kellie Kulka!

I can not begin to express how tired I am right now!!!! So, yes there are wonderful photos of tonights pageant, but for now all you're getting from me are the results!

Congratulations to the new Miss All-America City, Lauren Hogan!

Congratulations to the new Miss Maumee Valley, Kristen Haas!

Congratulations to the new Maumee Valley Outstanding Teen, Kellie Kulka!

Miss 1st RU: Alyssa Speicher
Miss 2nd RU: Becky Minger

Teen 1st RU: Kali Savoca

Miss Outstanding Interview: Kristen Haas
Miss Outstanding Talent: Alyssa Speicher

Miss contestant order:
1. Alyssa Speicher
2. Brandi Herceg
3. Laura Estrada
4. Amy Allen
5 Rachel Maris
6. Janelle Zindroski
7. Heather Waterman
8. Mellissa Marksberry
9. Becky Minger
10. Kristen Haas
11. Jamie Burns
12. Jillian Dansko
13. absent
14. Lauren Hogan
15. Brianna Savoca

Teen contestant order:
1. Kali Savoca
2. absent
3. Haley Matuszynski
4. Haley Devers
5. Kellie Kulka


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