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Saturday, September 02, 2006

…personal rant…

Right now I should be almost done with an 8K… obviously I’m sitting at a computer instead…

The Ryan Serber 8K Classic was this morning at the University of Toledo. Ryan worked at both Fox Toledo and I believe the Toledo NBC affiliate; sadly, he fell victim to cancer. This was not a paid Face of Fox “gig;” but I wanted to participate nonetheless.

Why am I not there? Well, last night it was realized that my beloved orange tabby, Fuzzy, wasn’t urinating. He made a point to try to go in front of me this morning in the shower stall of all places, but was clearly having no luck. Rather than running a race, I had to make a run to the vet. I DO NOT LIKE FUZZY’S VET! I’ll not say where I take him, out of civility.

My “Fuzziers” was declawed and neutered at a vet near my home town without problem, when I lived in BG he visited a vet there for his kitten shots and always did fine. When I moved north, Fuzzy got a new vet, but it has not worked out at all! He goes crazy the minute you carry him into the exam room, growling like a lion and attacking anything that comes within a foot of his carrier. The doctor this morning had the audacity to tell me “some cats just aren’t civilized!!!” I realize that although he was fine as a kitten, this could be something he grew into as an adult cat, but I believe it has everything to do with that exam room, because he’s fine in the waiting room. And though they cautioned me he might bite me when I got him home, he was also fine the moment we got back in the car!

The situation is upsetting because his reaction to the exam room means that they have to “put him in the box” and knock him to examine him. I don’t like the risk of anesthetics and I hate the attitude of this doctor. In the end, it’s likely an infection and luckily not a blockage; my poor kitty is now on antibiotics.

The ironic part is the involvement of my Face of Fox predecessor, Leah. She and I were going to run together this morning; when I called to tell her I probably wouldn’t make it I also asked if she had her own animals, because she was bad luck for mine! Back in December I was about to walk out the door to go to Leah’s holiday party when Loren got the call that his longtime buddy, Reggie the Doberman pincher, had died- under the care of the above mentioned vet! That’s a whole other situation, but I still think I need to do some vet scouting.

Okay, I’m done with my rant…or quite literally a hissy fit... back to regularly scheduled pageant blogging…


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