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Monday, September 25, 2006

The differences between Miss Ohio USA and Miss Ohio ( America)

I had a general idea what the differences in Miss Ohio (America) and Miss Ohio USA were, now that I’ve competed in both, I’ve compiled a list:

Miss Ohio USA : Portsmouth , Ohio
Miss Ohio America : Mansfield , Ohio

Time in host city:
MO USA : 3 days
MOA: 9 days

Private welcome dinner
Presentation Show (prelims)
Final show

Celebrity Waitressing
3 nights of preliminaries
Final show
Coronation ball

Swimsuit- 1/3
Evening Gown- 1/3
Interview- 1/3

Swimsuit- 15%
Evening Gown- 20%
Interview- 25%
Talent- 35%
Onstage Question- 5%

The interview:
MO USA : The 5 judges are divided and sat at two tables in one room; contestants enter in pairs spending 2 minutes with one table, then swapping and spending 2 minutes with the second table. Contestants sit during the interviews. Questions were based mostly off a questioner each contestant submitted. Contestants wear a variety of fashion-forward attire, from skirts and sweaters to dresses and pant suits, most with trendy accessories.

MOA: The panels consist of 5 to 7 judges; contestants interview one at a time and give a 45 second introduction, we are asked questions for 10 minutes, then can give a 45 second conclusion. Contestants stand behind a clear podium. Questions are based off of a resume and platform sheet each contestant submits and often also include current events, political and social issues. Contestants usually wear professional/pageantish skirt or pant suits.

The Judges:
MO USA : One panel judges the Presentation Show and Interviews; a new, separate panel judges the Top 15 during the Final Show.

MOA: The same judging panel judges everything.

MO USA : 73 women age 18 to 26
MOA: 24 women age 17 to 24

MO USA : $989 entry fee; titles are irrelevant and given based on residency.

MOA: Contestants must earn their title by winning a “local” preliminary pageant, which usually has 9-20 contestants.

MO USA : In a hotel, 2 contestants per room.
MOA: With a host family, 2 contestants per home.

MO USA : 1 chaperone per group of 15 contestants; contestants are transported by bus.
MOA: 1 chaperone for every 2 contestants; chaperones transport contestants in their cars.

Family Visitation:
MO USA : Briefly during hotel checkout, families may load a contestant’s belongings that they do not need for the Final Show, but cannot enter their hotel room.

MOA: Briefly after each preliminary night, during some rehearsals and some events, but always with a chaperone present.

Electronic Devices

MO USA: Cell phones can be carried to rehearsals, but are to be turned off, however, chaperones are flexible and allow women to use them during breaks and on the bus to and from the hotel. Unfortunately no ones phones would work at the hotel, so it was wonderful that chaperones respected our need to use them in the dressing rooms and no contestant ruined this by using them during rehearsals.

MOA: Cell phones, pagers, laptops, etc. were explicitly to be used only at the host home and were not even to be carried to rehearsal and events. We constantly “smuggle” them and secretly use them in bathrooms. At Miss Ohio this year, when someone’s phone alarm went off, a volunteer dug through her things to find it and everyone received a stern lecture as a result. Both contestants and officials feel disrespected about the situation, as contestants are adults and it is difficult to be treated like a child for a week, while officials feel adults should be able to follow rules that come with a job.

Onstage production:
MO USA : The outgoing Miss and Teen titleholders emcee the Presentation Show; news anchors emcee the Final Show. Contestants performed an opening number routine and introduced themselves during the Final Show only. No additional entertainment is needed from singers or dancers.

MOA: The outgoing Miss and additional performer(s) emcee all four nights. Contestants perform an opening number dance and introduce themselves all four nights; contestants dance in at least two additional production numbers each night. Ample amounts of singing and dancing occurs between phases of competition.

In the theatre:
MO USA : Contestants never leave anything at the theatre; for the Presentation Show we do our hair and make up in our hotel room and carrying only our swimsuit, evening gown, shoes and jewelry to the theatre. Silver strappy heels were required for swimsuit and opening number, many women also wore them for their gown. For the Final Show, contestants had to get ready at the theatre, but could only bring what hair and makeup supplies fit in a provided tote bag, or in the bottom of their garment bags.

MOA: Contestants “move into” the theatre early in the week, leaving all our pageant belongings, including swimsuit, talent outfit, competition evening gown, two “walk on” evening gowns, shoes, hairs supplies, makeup, and many, many extras. Most women carry their things in large Rubbermaid tubs or plastic drawers on wheels.

Pageant emphasis:
MO USA : Modeling- being a fashion model and a role model.
MOA: Education, community service and talent.

Walking Patterns

Click the pictures to the right to enlarge each. Note, at Miss Ohio USA we were constantly encouraged to “swoop,” so the right angles you see are a result of my lacking computer skills; all the turns we actually curves. Also, the Miss Ohio ( America ) swimsuit pattern was a “figure 8.”

The winner goes on to:
MOA: Miss America

There were aspects of this weekend that my family and I prefer to our five years in Mansfield, while there are also things about Miss Ohio America that we missed this weekend. I don’t think we would ever say one is better or worse than the other, just different.

*Note, this post was done hastily and will likely be redone soon; this post provides factual information and an opinion post will be added soon as well.


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