Being Miss Maumee Valley

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy… busy… busy…

Today I’m hitting the road to my parent’s house, as I’ll be competing in the Great American Dream Queen TV show, filmed at the St. Mary's Theatre tonight. For the talent competition I’m singing “Funny Honey,” my Miss Ohio talent for my last two years and I’ll be wearing my blue velvet evening gown. Instead of swimsuit, I’ll be competing in “sportswear” which has proven to be more annoying than when Miss America thought “casual wear” was a good idea! The past week I shopped my heart out for some cute workout outfit to match my Asics running shoes, the whole time thinking “this is so stupid… this should not be this difficult!” You see, I workout at home, not at a gym, so the price tags on attractive workout wear were outrageous to me! In the end, I found something that I think will look good onstage, but didn’t break the bank… and I even worked out in it last night, so it’s legitimate!

Then, tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my *new* evening gown for Miss Ohio USA to a family friend and seamstress for some minor alterations! I’ll share more about that very soon…

Finally, if you’re sick of hearing about my new job as the Face of Fox Toledo, you can breath a sigh of relief because I now have a separate Face of Fox Blog! This was started last year for Leah, but she was busy with Grad school and other commitments and never really took to the wonderful world of blogging. I, on the other hand, manipulated the question “what do you do for fun” during my final interview, telling the judges I am an avid blogger and would use blogging as a tool to connect with the Fox Toledo audience. Yesterday I was finally given my log-in information and I’ve already made two entries.


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