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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


During Miss Ohio week, that line, “Facebook it” rang out like a chorus every time a photo was taken!

Let me explain, Facebook is a networking site exclusive to individuals with a college email address. I’m told it’s sort of like MySpace, but a bit more accountable. It provides an easy, fun way to keep up with friends and make new ones. In addition to sending messages, Facebook allows you to create photo albums. When you “tag” or identify the other people in your picture, that picture automatically gets added to their account.

Thus, a lot less pictures were taken this year at Miss Ohio because we all knew we could just share them on Facebook! It’s much easier than forwarding photos via email. I believe all but three of the women at Miss Ohio and several local contestants are “friends” on Facebook. Slowly but surely Miss Ohio photos have been uploaded to that site.

No offense to the official photographer, the Mansfield News Journal or even my dear sweet boyfriend, but the candid backstage shots taken by contestants are always the best!

I’ve been saving these pictures for myself, but have toiled over whether to share them. On the one hand, I know they will be enjoyed by many pageant fans that do not have access to Facebook. On the other hand, did my fellow contestants upload them to Facebook expecting a certain level of privacy? I certainly don’t want to upset anyone.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to go ahead. After all, for almost two years now I have uploaded photos to Webshots and borrowed Facebook photos for this Blog, often including the clause that if anyone had a problem with an image to let me know and I’d remove it. I’ve never gotten a complaint. Also, I think every titleholder should realize what the internet is- be it a password protected site or not- it’s a public realm. But no need to step upon a soap box, there are really fun photos to be shared!


As always, if there is anything that anyone wants removed from my Webshots, just email me and I will delete it without question. I understand if my fellow contestants don’t want the goofy or make-up lacking shots shared.
And to my readers/viewers, understand that pageant contestants are humans too that need to eat, laugh, be sleepy and sometimes even have a hair out of place!


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