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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cross Your Fingers for Me!

This morning I auditioned to become the second “Face of Fox Toledo.” It is a year long contracted position to be a personality/spokesperson both on air and at tons of local events.

Last year I was named to the Top 16 and thanks to my supporters “voting” for me via email I was asked back to a second interview as part of a Top 4. However, that call back took place while I was at Miss Ohio; because I couldn’t leave Mansfield I was disqualified from the Face of Fox competition. I threw all my support behind my friend and former Forensics teammate Leah, who went on to win.

Just like last year, this morning’s audition consisted of two parts. First I had a short filmed interview in front of three judges, during which the most important thing was showing them lots of personality. We spoke quite a bit about my pageant experience. Next, I delivered lines in front a second camera and panel of judges. It couldn’t have been easier, considering it’s what I’ve seen Leah do during every other commercial break for the past year… “The Simpson’s are up next… Just you watch Fox Toledo!...”

I am very hopeful for this opportunity. I definitely need the job, and I know that it has opened lots of other doors for Leah! Honestly, I feel like what Leah has done is much closer to what a local and state pageant titleholder should be doing... and everyone in this area knows who she is because she’s on TV all the time. CLICK HERE to view her recent schedule.

Hopefully I will be a finalist again this year, at which point you can bet I’ll be sharing how everyone can vote and help me attain this position.


  • Abby I hope you get it! It would give me a reason to watch Toledo's Fox station! Good luck and keep me posted!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:37 PM  

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