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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Congratulations to Ohio's participants in America's National Miss

I was just catching up on my blog reading and ran across some exciting pageant news courtesy of Kara Roberts' Blog.

Meredith Driscoll and Amanda Holzen were recently successful in the
America's National Miss Pageant. I had never before heard of this pageant, but according to their website, many former participants and winners have gone on to hold state titles in the Miss America and Miss USA systems. In fact, they claim to have been “created for contestants who are runners-up, or those planning to compete, in the USA state pageants.” Contestants are judged equally on Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Runway modeling and Interview. The pageant took place July 30 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Special congratulations to Meredith Driscoll [left] who won Swimsuit, Gown, Directors Choice and the Director's Award of Appreciation; in the end Meredith was First Runner-up. This is a fate all too familiar to Meredith, she was often a runner up at Miss Ohio locals prior to aging out two years ago. I don’t believe I ever competed with her, but always heard wonderful things. [Photo from Facebook.]

Amanda Holzen [right] also competed in a few Miss Ohio locals last year. At America’s National Miss she was named ‘Top Model of the USA.’ This award is given to the women with the overall highest score in runway, fitness, and photogenic. Amanda will now have the opportunity to represent the United States in the Top Model of the World contest. Last year it took place in China! [Photo from her website.]

Thanks to Kara for sharing this information and congrats to Meredith and Amanda!


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