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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Congratulations to the New Miss Greater Cleveland, Elyse Healey!

Saturday night Elyse Healey, the recent Third Runner-up to Miss Ohio as Miss Stark County 2005, seized her first possible opportunity to head back to Miss Ohio. She was crowned Miss Greater Cleveland 2006. Elyse is a Pre-Law student at Youngstown State and works with physically and mentally challenged individuals as her platform. For talent, she sang “I Don Quixote” from the musical Man of La Mancha. Elyse is a fellow blogger; you can keep up with her at The Road to Miss Ohio and view her Webshots album of Miss Greater Cleveland by clicking here.

Above Left to Right:
4th Runner-up, Ashley Brown
2nd Runner-up, Andrea Andryscik
Miss Open City 2005-2006, Katelyn Koval
Miss Greater Cleveland 2006-2007, Elyse Healey
Miss Greater Cleveland 2005-2006, Laura Estrada
1st Runner-up, Kristen Haas
3rd Runner-up, Brianna Savoca

Below: Elyse with Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy.

[All of the photos are from the Miss Greater Cleveland website.]

Additional awards were as follows:

Most Prompt Award - Dana Raponi
Lucky Lines Sales Award - Krystle Formosa
Community Service Awards - Allison Bencar, Laura Pennington, Allison Sundstrom, Elyse Healey
Overall Community Service Award - Janelle Zindroski
Spirit Award - Suzanne Bures
Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit Award - Elyse Healey
Presence and Poise in Evening Wear Award - Elyse Healey
Artistic Expression in Talent Award - Elyse Healey
Interview Award - Andrea Andryscik

Congratulations to Elyse and all the contestants. This was the first of the "open" locals this pageant season and I hope many of the young women who competed in Cleveland Saturday night end up with crowns of their own by next spring!


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