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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Preliminary Night 2

Another night in the history books...

Well tonight's show was absolutely amazing. You could feel the energy from both the contestants and the performers. Everyone is stepping up their game and the result was an incredible show.

Note from Abby- Just prior to the opening number Abby had a wardrobe malfunction. She wears a belt of her mothers' from the 1970's made of metal links and one of these decided to break. Fortunately, as always seems to be the case, the stage crew was there, pliers in hand, to save the day. Abby would like to the thank the stage crew for all of their help. The show wouldn't be the same without them!

Abby competed in Evening Wear and On Stage question this evening. Below is a photo of Abby looking amazing in her blue velvet gown. She looked extremely graceful as she floated across the stage.

Later in the compettion she was brought back on stage for her question posed by co-host Mark Schnitkey. After beating him to the punch on how "dapper" he looked this evening, Abby went on to answer his question about President Bush's Immigration policy with poise and a very confident and concise anwer. The rest of the evening I heard that she "nailed her question" from everyone I encountered. She did a great job of listening to the question as you can see from the photo above.

A special congratulations goes out to Leslie Ondrey for winning her second prelim award in as many days, this time for swimsuit. Congrats Leslie!

Also, Kasey Wilson took the talent prelim honor for the evenig with a beatuiful rendition of "Time to Say Good Bye". Congrats Kasey!

Below are competition photos of both of these ladies as well as their walk down the runway.

Tonight was an incredible night and we are very proud of Abby as she performed extremely well in both phases of competition.

Tomorrow is my favorite phase of competition, her talent- let's just say I love to hear Abby sing.

Thanks to all of the performers, contestants and stage crew who put on this incredible show. Without them, none of this could be possible.

Good Night



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