Being Miss Maumee Valley

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Patience, please.

I realize all of my readers are now spoiled from Loren’s great updates during Miss Ohio week, but I promise, I will resume my steady posting soon. I do have a few reasons for the delay…

First, I was without much cell phone or internet usage for a week, and it left my system with surprising ease. Moreover, I’ve been catching up on my sleep and other non-pageant things that were tossed to the side before Miss Ohio.

Second, I am still processing Saturday night; let me reiterate that I am in complete support of Melanie, but I have not yet come to terms with my results.

Finally, something awful happened today… I lost a loved one… my laptop! I am hoping a trip to a computer doctor can save it, but at this point my beloved Dell is in a coma… it simply will not turn on, or acknowledge when it’s plugged into a power source. Obviously, I still have internet access, but it is much less convenient and I am very worried about losing countless documents and pictures.

Please, keep my laptop in your thoughts :) and check back soon for more on Miss Ohio...


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