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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pageant Press: Bollenbacher Makes the Top 10 During Last Attempt for Miss Ohio!

The following article is from the Parkway Independent, an online news source serving my hometown of Rockford, Ohio.

Bollenbacher Makes the Top 10 During Last Attempt for Miss Ohio!

Abby Bollenbacher, a Parkway graduate and daughter of Tim and Vickie Bollenbacher, competed for a fifth time at the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant July 5-8th 2006. After a twelve-minute private interview and three nights of preliminary competition in Physical Fitness in Swimsuit, Poise and Presence in Evening Gown, Talent and Onstage Question, Abby was named to the Top 10 and competed again on the final night.

For her talent presentation, she sang “Funny Honey” from the musical and movie Chicago. This is the same song she performed last year at Miss Ohio and though she considered other selections, she decided to sing “Funny Honey” again. “While it doesn’t show off my vocal range, it does allow me to entertain the crowd by performing theatrically and that’s what I love,” said Bollenbacher.

Contestants within the Miss America system are required to advocate a social platform; Abby’s is “Springboard! Increasing College Success.” During their twelve-minute private interview, contestants are given the opportunity to share what community service they’ve done with their platform. Judges also ask questions ranging from war and abortion to a contestant’s family, likes and dislikes. “After my introduction, their first question was what to do about the North Korea situation,” said Bollenbacher, “after we got that out of the way, my interview focused on my perception of and ability to do the job of Miss Ohio.”

During their week in Mansfield, the host city for Miss Ohio, contestants attended luncheons, participated in a parade and Fourth of July festivities, among other events. Abby opted to run in the Miss Ohio 5K and was awarded a trophy for placing third in her age division.

Due to age restrictions, Abby is no longer eligible to compete in the Miss America system. In November she will give up her local title, Miss Maumee Valley. “The realization that my dream to be Miss America can never come true is difficult,” said Bollenbacher, “but I am so grateful for the stage and life skills I learned through competing. I am a very different person now than I was back in 2001 when I won my first title, Miss Lake Festival.”

She is also grateful for the scholarships she received. A recent graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication, specializing in Theatre, Bollenbacher relied on pageants to help finance her education. In six years of competing, she earned nearly thirteen thousand dollars.

Abby still believes that pageants can help open doors for her in the entertainment industry; therefore she is considering competing in September for the title Miss Ohio USA. That is a completely different pageant system, which leads to the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests. She is also looking into opportunities to continue her education by pursuing advanced degrees.

Abby would like to thank her friends and family for their support throughout her pageant endeavors. Also, she and Miss Lake Festival contestant Kaela Gardner would like to thank Rockford residents Stacie Ford, Nancy Clouse and Barb Hamilton for helping them prepare for their respective pageants during a mock interview.

You can keep up with Abby on her blog, and view more pageant photos at her Webshots account,


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