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Friday, July 07, 2006

Final Preliminary Night

All the votes are in...

The last night of prelim competition has ended and the top ten have been chosen, although we won't find out until tomorrow night.

Abby gave an incredible performance of "Funny Honey" (pictured below). The audience responded very well to her dramtic vocal.

[Picture from The Mansfield News Journal]

The prelim winners for swimsuit were both Becky Minger and Melanie Murphy.
Congrats Becky and Melanie.

The prelim talent award went to Laura Estrada with her vocal performance.
Congrats Laura!

It was a stressfull yet exciting evening to say the least.
Congratulations to all of the prelim winners this year and on to tomorrow.

I am relinquising blogging status back to it's rightful author as Abby will be able to use her computer after tomorrow night. I hope I was able to keep everyone updated in her absence.

Good Luck to Abby and all of the contestants tomorrow night.



  • Loren: Great job on keeping the fans updated!!

    Abby: You were truly wonderful. I hope you have enjoyed each and every time you graced the Miss Ohio stage! Was this 5? So that means you have 5 crowns, right? Can I have one?
    Zaina Marie

    By Blogger Zaina Marie, at 9:48 PM  

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