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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Special Thanks to my Program Book Ad Sponsors!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn at Spring Forum that I tied for the most advertisements sold for the Miss Ohio souvenir program book. Ironically, the tie was with my Miss Ohio roommate, Jenna Wilson and the Miss Southeastern Ohio program.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t trying to win this award. In years past I have tried in vane and I learned that the time and effort put into acquiring ads could have been much better spent working on other areas of judged competition. Thus, I owe much thanks to others for helping me and taking this burden off my shoulders this year.

Special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Loren for securing all the sponsors for the page to the left and for Kyle at Gallippo’s for designing the layout. Loren realized how important having ads was to me, as well as how busy I was with school and Forensics and he was, therefore, a lifesaver by calling upon the car dealership he manages and his connections to pay for this page! Please click the thumbnail to enlarge it and read the businesses to whom I am very grateful.

Gallippo’s also designed the page on the right, as they’ve done for the past two years as part of their sponsorship of the Miss Maumee Valley program.

Finally, for a second year, I am very grateful to Bowling Green State University for agreeing to support me, the Springboard program and Forensics team by placing the ad to the left.

*Please click to enlarge each image. You may then need to hover the mouse on the image until a little box appears in the bottom right corner, clicking it will enlarge the image more, making the text readable or resizing some of the photos better.


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