Being Miss Maumee Valley

Monday, June 12, 2006

...long time, no blog...

I apologize to my avid readers for my lack of posting… since graduation I’ve been away from my computer frequently. Last week I was home for a high school classmate’s wedding that I sang in. In addition to enjoying the rest and relaxation that the simplicity of my parent’s home innately provides, I also had some great pageant prep.

At Tuesday evening’s wedding music rehearsal I met one of the Miss Lake Festival contestants; per my moms suggestion we decided to try to put together a mock interview. I am so impressed and grateful that a panel of volunteers agreed to meet with us the very next night! Special thanks to those friends, family and community members who came out on such short notice to help our pursuits of Miss Ohio, Miss Lake Festival, and ultimately for both of us, Miss America.

I have found over the years that I absolutely love helping new contestants. The way I see it, much of what I know about “pageanting” is thanks to all the people willing to help me along the way, so it’s my obligation to pass it on. Additionally, talking about the program to new contestants and their families reaffirms my purpose and passion for competing.

Again, thanks to the mock interview panel and my dad for driving behind me as I jogged late at night :). Also, best wishes to Louisa and Eric in their marriage!


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