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Friday, April 07, 2006

Springboard! Update!

Ask anyone around you and they’ll tell you they’re SOOO busy, right? I’ve discussed in a few of my classes how American society is developing a stigma against NOT being busy. We are an on-the-go culture and we place value on being such. My point is that we all say it… Throughout my college career I’ve never felt like there were enough hours in the day, but in this, my last semester in which I’m trying to do it all one last time, I’ve realized there is a big difference in always saying and feeling 'oh so busy' and really truly running on EMPTY!!!

I’m not complaining, rather apologizing. There is so much I’ve said I would blog about but simply haven’t had the time. Specifically, with my last blog I recorded my weekly Springboard! involvement but I haven’t had time this semester. Finally, I have finished adding those posts where they should have been (chronologically). So please, click on the sessions below, or scroll down through to read about my latest Springboard! sessions.

Definitely check out the first session which explains why Springboard! is my platform, especially if you’re currently thinking, “what is she talking about?... crazy pageant bloggerl!”

Session 1: Welcome to Springboard!
Session 2: Getting to Know You
Session 3: Looking Ahead
Session 4: Been There, Done That
Session 5: Out of the Starting Blocks
Session 6: My Solar System
Session 7: Survival Game
Session 8: Speaking Up
Session 9:Time Management
Session 10: Open the Bidding
Session 11: Decisions, Decisions


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