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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Springboard! Session 14: Endings and Beginnings

What is Springboard!? Click here.

The learning outcomes: Participation, Inquiry, Examining Values and Self-assurance.

The Springboard! class I participated in this semester was perhaps the best I've ever experienced. We had a wonderful group dynamic and our group leader, Jake Turner did a great job.

During yesterday's final session two major activities took place. First, the Freshmen presented the "Legacy Project" they were asked to create. For the Legacy Project the students were to imagine they were BG-grads who had received a multi-million dollar grant to add a building, program or something to BGSU. This contribution should reflect the students values and leave their mark on the campus. I hope some of the projects developed are actually shown to University officials because they are quite innovative.

My Freshman, Hannah, was such a trooper and showed up to class despite being excused for illness. She developed a cultural center as her legacy. This center would offer American students the opportunity to learn about and experience other cultures, while providing international students a feeling of home. As an example of the type of thing this center may display, she brought some stunning authentic African dress, belonging to her roommate, an international student. This focus on the world view highlights Hannah's personal values, as she spent part of her childhood abroad and plans to study in Europe next year.

Similarly, our Springboard! class also included an international student, from Zambia, I believe. Her project was to build a temple on campus. Like many religiouss people in this country, her mother taught her the value of attending a service weekly. While I don't know her religion, she stated she had not had a place to attend since being in our country. Building a temple on campus supports her value of spirituality.

A student who's become involved in community service with her sorority created a building where efforts to give back to the community would be centered. Another girl built a much needed parking garage and someone else planted a large flower garden.

Finally, Coaches presented their Freshmen with an award for their specific accomplishments within the Springboard! program. In the past we've just been given a certificate to fill out, but to make it more personal we were asked to create something ourselves and even buy a small gift if we were so inclined. I found a beautiful greeting card about success, I designed the front of the envelope as a "Certificate of Springboard! Completion to the Most Active Freshman On Campus!" Hannah is interested in everything going on around her and she is always looking into all sorts of opportunities. I also got her a case of vanilla Dan-Active yogurt drinks, which we both love, they're just one of many things we have in common.


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