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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Miss Ohio Line-up!

Today was a very long day, with the Miss Ohio Spring Forum and Outstanding Teen pageant… I’m so tired, I’m drifting in and out of a quasi-comatose state right now, but I’ll at least share the contestant order, as that’s the more important/interesting part of Spring Forum to most people.

(Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine drew our [the contestants] names randomly out of a bowl. Once a name was drawn the contestant had one minute to consult with parents and directors about which flight and contestant number to select. So control and strategy in your placement hinged on the fate of when your name is drawn! The numbers after each talent type indicates when they were drawn, 1st to 24th.)

First Flight (Interview-Tuesday morning, Wednesday-Talent, Thursday-Swimsuit, Friday- Evening Gown & Onstage Question)

1. Miss Ohio Valley- Catherine Sengenberger- opera- 23rd
2. Miss Buckeye State- Allie Krucek- jazz dance- 22nd
3. Miss Marion Popcorn- Mary Krouse- dance- 19th
4. Miss Southeastern Ohio- Jenna Wilson- vocal- 17th
5. Miss Hamilton- Nicole Masters- tap dance- 12th
6. Miss Scioto Valley- Roberta Camp- vocal- 13th
7. Miss Lake Erie- Leslie Ondrey- opera- 7th
8. Miss Maple City- Erin Jefferey- opera- 3rd

Second Flight (Interview-Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday- Evening Gown & Onstage Questions, Thursday-Talent, Friday-Swimsuit)

9. Miss Greater Dayton- Becky Minger- vocal- 20th
10. Miss Miami Valley- Melanie Murphy- dance- 18th
11. Miss Chillicothe- Kristen Haas- dance-21st
12. Miss Mansfield- Sophia Davis- jazz dance- 16th
13. Miss Open City- Katelyn Koval- tap dance- 14th
14. Miss Circleville- Heather Strickland- vocal- 1st
15. Miss Stark County- Elyse Healey- vocal- 9th
16. Miss Clayland- Kasey Wilson- opera- 5th

Third Flight (Interview Wednesday morning, Wednesday-Swimsuit, Thursday- Evening Gown & Onstage Question, Friday-Talent)

17. Miss Lake Festival- Sarah Garman- vocal- 24th
18. Miss North Coast- Jillian Dansko- tap dance- 15th
19. Miss Northwestern Ohio- Marissa Minor- opera- 11th
20. Miss Portsmouth- Nanciann Strosnider- vocal- 10th
21. Miss Greater Cleveland- Laura Estrada- opera- 6th
22. Miss Central Ohio- Jodi Greene- vocal- 4th
23. Miss West Central Ohio- Krysten Chambers- Tahitian Dance- 2nd
24. Miss Maumee Valley- Abby Bollenbacher- vocal- 8th


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