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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Congratulations to Ohio's New Outstanding Teen, Kelsey Ballew!

Tonight titleholders of all levels hosted and entertained at Ohio's Outstanding Teen pageant: Outgoing Ohio Princess Holli Wuchich, Outgoing Ohio Teen Ali Nance, Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine and Miss America's Outstanding Teen Megan Miller. Yes, you read correctly, Megan Miller! Though the photo of us on the left is horrible, between our crooked crowns, odd shadows and obvious exhaustion, but I'm sharing it anyway because I am so excited to have met her.

At the teen pageant five young women competed for the chance to compete at the America's Outstanding Teen pageant. The winner, Kelsey Ballew, is a 16 year old vocalist who sang "On My Own" and her platform is "Let's talk about it." (I have no idea what that platform means...?) Among other prizes, she won $500 in cash for the title plus an additional $200 for winning both Interview and Talent.

The First Runner up was Elizabeth Burggraf, also a 16 year old vocalist; she sang a popular Nora Jones tune and advocates the values of abstinence. She won $150.

13 year old Alexis Nelson won the "Princess Division" (meaning she didn't compete in Talent.) She received a crown and $250.

Courtney Rea, age 15, won prizes for Most Photogenic. She advocates Heart Disease Awareness and did a cheerleading type dance to "I Feel Like a Woman."

Remaining contestants were Kasey Kamp and Kristin Cockrell. The judges were Kathryn L. Smartnick, Julie Marsh, Peggy Leonhard, Jack Carr and Jim Smith.

Much thanks went out to Executive Director Drena McCurdy and family for sponsoring many of the scholarships and prizes.

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