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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Best of Luck to the Miss Hamilton Program This Weekend!

This Saturday at the Old Moose Event Center in Hamilton Ohio, women from Butler, Clark, Hamilton, Madison, Montgomery, Preble, or Warren Countries will compete for the brand new title, Miss Hamilton! This program is so new, unfortunately I already had plans for the evening when it was announced. Though I cannot attend, I will try to report the results as soon as I hear them. If anyone is interested in attending, CLICK HERE.

The information below, photo above with the contestants and pageant director, Jacky Johnson, and many more photos are on THIS WEBSITE.

The contestants:

Name: Katie Camp
Age: 19
Hometown: Newark OH
Education: Wright State University College
Major: Psychology
Special Interests: Teaching Dance, Mentoring Young
Children, Dancing
Organizational Membership: Jr. Member of Dance Masters
of America; Alpha Xi Delta Sorority
Talent: Tap Dance
Platform: Mentoring through the Arts
Parents: Marc and Tonya Camp

Name: Sara Chaney
Age: 20
Hometown: West Chester OH
Education: Miami University Oxford College
Major: Speech Pathology/Audiology with Child Studies Minor
Special Interests: Cheerleading, Volunteer at St. Rita School for the Deaf, Ohio Valley Voices and the Oxford Senior Citizen Center; Teaching Sign Language at Talawanda Middle School
Organizational Membership: Miami University Cheerleading, Campus Activities Council, National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sign Language and Deaf Culture Awareness Club, St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Talent: Lyrical Dance with Sign Language Accompaniment
Platform: Ensuring the Accessibility and Attainment of Communication Methods for All
Parents: Claude and Kathie Chaney

Ashley Hall
Age: 17
Hometown: Hamilton OH
Education: Hamilton High School Senior
Major: Music Education
Special Interests: Singing, Dancing, Acting and
Organizational Memberships: Big Blue Theatre (President), PRIDE, Hamilton High Marching Band Field Commander, Rhapsody in Blue (Dance Captain)
Talent: Singing “On My Own”
Platform: After-School Programs and
Activities for Elementary School Children
Parents: Sonia and Denver Hall

Name: Monica Jennings
Age: 17
Hometown: Hamilton OH
Education: Hamilton High School Senior
College Major: Dance / Deaf Education – Double Major
Special Interests: Dancing, Sign Language
Talent: Song Interpretation “Dangerously in Love”
Platform: Rising Number of STD/AIDS,
Distorted Body Image
Parents: Sharon Darner / Dave Darner

Name: Nicole Masters
Age: 24
Hometown: Franklin OH
Education: Graduate - Miami University Oxford College
Major: Early Childhood Education
Special Interests: Dance, Teaching, Collecting PEZ Candy Dispensers
Organizational Memberships: Ohio Education Association, National Deans List Association
Talent: Tap Dancing – “Sandman” by Natalie Cole
Platform: Promoting Education – Making Connections
Parents: Lizz and Eddie Masters

Name: Tyler Owens
Age: 19
Hometown: Hamilton, OH
Education: Miami University
College Major: Nursing
Special Interests: Cooking, Skateboard
Organizational Memberships: The Vineyard Youth Guild
Talent: Dance
Platform: Nursing for the Elderly and Children
Parents: Dana and William Owens

Name: Olivia Stewart
Age: 18
Hometown: Hamilton OH
Education: Hamilton High School Senior
Major: Plans to Attend Wright State – Bachelor in Fine
Arts / Musical Theatre
Special Interests: Acting, Dancing, Singing,
Pottery, Photography
Organizational Memberships: Rhapsody in Blue, Big Blue Company
Talent: Vocals “My Foolish Heart”
Platform: Building
Esteem through Artist Expression
Parents: Cynthia Briscoe and Dennis Stewart

Name: Jill Tucker
Age: 17
Hometown: Hamilton OH
Education: Hamilton High School Senior
Special Interests: Cheerleading, Dance
Talent: Dance
Platform: Youth and the Importance of Early Education
Parents: Sandra A. King

Name: Jamie I. Weiss
Age: 22
Hometown: Hamilton OH Education:
Miami University Hamilton College
Major: Bachelor of Business Administration
Special Interests: Republican Party Central Committee
Candidate Organizational Memberships: Student Class Secretary, Volunteer Advisory Board
Talent: Hip Hop Dance Performance to “SOS” by Rihanna
Platform: Building a Foundation for Tomorrow’s Leaders Parents: Paul and Brenda Weiss

Best of luck to the directors and all the contestants, especially the fab Katie Camp!!!


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