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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Springboard! Session 6: My Solar System

What is Springboard!? Click here.

Today’s learning outcomes: Creative Problem Solving, Examining Values, Presenting and Self-Assurance

Today the freshmen are back in front of the video camera! Last week we used a pie graph to identify which aspects of life are the most imimportant (to each individual); for homework they were then asked to apply this in creating their “solar system.” Basically they had to deliver a three minute speech of what their world is comprised of and why. The visual aid accompanying the speech doesn’t literally have to be a solar system. Rather, I’ve seen a variety of depictions. IE: a baseball dimond and the student is the pitcher with other people and aspects of their lives as the other bases, etc… Students get really creative and it’s always interesting to listen to their rational for the way they illustrate the aspects of their lives.

I was so proud of Hannah and her visual aid! She had a friend teach her how to paint with water colors, so the composition of the piece represented her overarching theme that she loves learing and experienceing new things. It was amazing!

Afterwards we veiwed the speeches and filled out the checksheet once again. Next we compared this checksheet to the one from the last speech, “Getting to Know You,” to identify improvements and areas that need continued work.


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