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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Springboard! Session 5: Out of the Starting Blocks

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Today’s learning outcomes: Creative Problem Solving, Examining Values, Inquiry and Participation

Today’s session is all about helping the Freshmen explore a balance between various aspects of their lives and also setting goals. Specific learning outcomes include creative problem solving, examining values, inquiry and participation.

This Springboard! session is very important to me, because it focuses on one of the main aspects of why I am passionate about this as my pageant platform: in any aspect of ones life balance may be difficult to find, but I assert that college years are some of the most difficult.

First, we break “life” down into four aspects. (If only it were really that easy! LOL)
They are Physical/General Health, including sleep, exercise health and nutrition; Academic/Work, including class attendance, study habits, GPA, and talking with professors and advisors; Social/Emotional/Family, including time for ones self, making new friends, homesickness and self-assurance and Spiritual/Personal which includes service learning, values and personal spirituality.

Once we discuss the meaning of these things and make them applicable to us, we create two pie graphs. One represents the amount or percentage each of those four aspects are in our lives today and a second to represent either today’s ideal balance or an optimal balance in 5, 10 years from now, etc…

Next we create three SMART Goals. For the Freshmen, at least two must be academically related, and usually is maintaining a certain GPA, or for my Freshman Hanna, selecting a college major.SMART goals are an amazing tool for anyone; I use it in pageant preparation. It forces you to break a goal down into a five step process, making it much more achievable.

These steps are: Specific- what you want to achieve, clear and concise; Measurable- create a time-line; Action-oriented- specifically, what action you are going to take: Realistic- consider your resources and constraints; Timely- state by when you want to achieve this goal


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