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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Springboard! Session 4: Been There, Done That

What is Springboard!? Click here.

Today’s learning outcomes: Examining Values, Leadership, Presenting, Self-Assurance and Writing

I’m excited to report that Springboard! this semester has a great group dynamic. Now that we’re getting to know each other better, we began the session with a game called Two Truths and a Lie. Simply, you state two facts about yourself and completely fabricate a third; the fun is guessing what people are lying about! I said that (1) I’m terrified of salons and my dad has always cut my hair (2) I absolutely love chocolate and (3) I competitively play Texas hold’em once, if not twice a week… and I’m good! My lie, that I love chocolate, was quickly identified because as a fellow coach put it, “it couldn’t be true because it was just too normal in comparison to the other things.” Yep… I guess that describes me pretty well!

Moving on, today the freshmen get a break as the coaches take the stage. We were each asked to prepare a “Been There Done That” speech to share advice and impart our wisdom. Our Springboard! workbook reminds us that “one of the major struggles in the transition from high school to college is the switch from “extrinsic” to “intrinsic” motivations.” To that end, the majority of our speeches focus on all the things the freshmen must do for themselves in order to succeed. “In Springboard!, we drive this point home, again and again, stressing the point that it is up to YOU to take good care of YOU.”

We [the coaches] spoke about the following:

-Visit your professors’ office hours
-Professors are here to help you succeed- keep a dialogue with them
-Make friends with people in your class, in case you do miss
-Use the Writers lab, Math lab, Study skills lab
-Don’t procrastinate
-Get to know your academic advisor
-The library is the coolest place on campus

-Keep your dorm door open, as to meet people
-Don’t go home too often; it only makes the homesickness worse
-Become involved in campus activities
-If you search hard enough, you’ll find a group for whatever your interest is
-But don’t be too active that your grades suffer

-Eat right
-Take advantage of the Rec. center
-Take advantage of the Health Center- it’s not as bad as people say
-Take advantage of the Career Center
-Don’t be afraid to visit the Counseling Center- they’re there to help
-Check out the sporting events, music, theatre, art galleries, etc…

-You’re mom’s not here- wake yourself up and pick up your own crap
-Make it worth it now- you’ll miss it when it’s over


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