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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Springboard! Session 2: Getting to Know You

What is Springboard!? Click here.

Today’s learning outcomes: Participation, Presenting and Self-Assurance

The title of this Springboard! session really says it all.. First year students and their coaches get to know each other better through an informal interview. Some pairs follow the twenty-some questions which the book offers, though I am excited that Hanna and I seemed to fall into a comfortable conversation, mostly filled with “wow, I can’t believe we have that in common!”

Next, we submersed the freshmen into a public speaking experience! Each coach introduced their freshmen, and freshman their coach, to the class and on camera. We inserted the information we learned about one another into a successful speech template. Public speaking is something that many people have a great deal of trouble with, but the ability to speak up in class and give effective presentations is essential to being a successful student, so Springboard! really focuses on cultivating this skill in a friendly environment. I tend to think this is one of my stronger points as a coach, given my Forensics experience.

Finally coaches help the freshmen get to know the campus better by pointing out resources like the Writers Lab, computer labs, blue lights, Campus Escort, Bursar office and other little-known points of interest that the students might otherwise not find on their own as soon as they should.


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