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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pageant Press: Casino worker hunts contestant buttons

Let me explain, at state and national pageants, the audience goes all out to express which contestant they are rooting for. They do this by wearing buttons or badges with contestant’s photos, waiving photos and posters in the air, and even decorating their hotel doors. I’ve always said, you never get used to looking out into the audience from the stage and seeing your face stapled to a paint stick!

I love the article below from
this website because an Aladdin employee is interviewed and she speaks about how this paraphernalia can serve as an inspiration.

Casino worker hunts contestant buttons

LAS VEGAS -- From the look of it, you'd guess Maria Baltazar-Lopez is rooting for 11 contestants this week in the Miss America pageant.

But the Westgate Resorts greeter, who works in the Aladdin Casino and has lived in Las Vegas for five years, said she's actually not supporting any one contestant.

"I highly admire them," she said. "I think they're all great. They're all beautiful and talented. May the best one win."

Baltazar-Lopez began collecting the contestants' state buttons this week, though, with a goal of getting all 52. She's currently sporting Miss Connecticut Dianna Baitinger's pin and 10 others and said her co-workers have joined in helping her collect the memorabilia.

"I'm trying to collect them for my daughter," she said, "because the (pageant) is for scholarships and I support education. It's the No. 1 step to success."

Baltazar-Lopez said her belief in education is already rubbing off on her daughter, Raeleen Mendoza, 11, who already decided she wants to be a doctor when she's older.


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