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Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 Miss America Coverage:The Top Ten!

After an anxious twenty-five minutes of Miss America contestant and judges introductions and other videos, the Top Ten was finally announced! Now the following ten women will compete in swimsuit and evening gown before being whittled further to five:

Miss District of Columbia, Shannon Schambeau (a preliminary swimsuit winner)
Miss South Carolina, Erika Grace Powell (a preliminary talent winner)
Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry (a preliminary talent winner)
Miss Virginia, Kristi Lauren Glakas (a preliminary swimsuit winner)
Miss Georgia, Monica Pang
Miss Texas, Morgan Matlock
Miss Arkansas, Eudora Mosby
Miss Pennsylvania, Nicole Brewer
Miss Alabama, Alexa Jones
Miss Florida, Mari Wilensky

[Photo from Yahoo News]

Prior to actually saying the state name, emcee James Denton, gave a bit of trivia, like "this state produced the very first Miss America..." After each name is called, the thirty-second contestant video is played. Both are nice touches, but causing the top ten naming to take about ten minutes; I feel sorry for the women standing there waiting!

Best of luck to these ladies, swimsuit is next!


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