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Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 Miss America Coverage: The Top Five!

Congratulations to the Top Five finalists at the Miss America pageant!

[The photo above is from Julius Tolentino; the Top Five is left to right as follows:]

Miss Virginia, Kristi Glakas
Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry
Miss DC, Shannon Schambeau
Miss Georgia, Monica Pang
Miss Alabama, Alexa Jones

The four of us at my "viewing party" each had guesses of which Top Ten finalists would move onto the Top Five; impressively, my mom got four out of five right! Loren got three out of five. Dad and I only picked two out of five; Dad is so disappointed he no longer gets to marvel at Miss Texas' gorgeous hair! But we all got Georgia right!

The Top Five contestants were then asked non-judged questions. I must admit these were rather disappointing, because I feel questions like "What's your favorite smell" and "sound," asked to Miss Alabama and Miss Georgia, respectively, perpetuate a negative pageant stereotype.

Talent is next!


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