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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Which Speedo would you select?

Pageant trivia:

: Why are there two different pageant systems (Miss America vs. Miss USA)?

A: “After winning the 1951 [Miss America]
title, Alabaman Yolande Betbeze shocked pageant organizers and sponsors when she refused to wear a bathing suit in public. Catalina Swimwear withdrew its support as a major sponsor, and founded two rival beauty pageants, Miss USA and Miss Universe. "To...go into Milwaukee in the middle of the winter and walk around a department store in a bathing suit is not my idea of Miss America," said Betbeze.” From PBS’s America Experience: Miss America.

Ironically, last year Miss America produced another Alabaman as its winner and took on a new swimsuit sponsor,
Speedo. Each Miss State had to select either a one piece or bikini in black and orange, pink or yellow to compete in at Miss America. These suits were very controversial, as many felt the bikinis (which all but two or three states wore, I think) were too skimpy. Frankly, I think they were like the style of bikini stores market toward young women and we’re constantly told to select “off the rack” suits, though most contestants buy suits from companies that specialize in pageanty. My problem with the Speedos [seen on the left being modeled by Miss America Deidre Downs] was the hypocrisy. The bikinis were “string,” which is specifically forbidden at the local and state levels of competition.

Fortunately for this years Miss States’, there are many more options from speedo to choose from. In her recent newsletter, Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine expressed the following on the issue: … we recently discovered what options we had for the swimsuit competition. If any of you attended Miss Ohio is past year you’ll appreciate the fact that no more do we have to worry about dental floss!!! *smile* This year we have several options from which to choose and we need to select two complete swimsuits. One will be used during the competition and the other will be used during a production number. They are unable to send a sample like they did last year so hopefully the two I have chosen will look great on!

The options are below, what would you choose... what do you this looks like Miss America?


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