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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vote for Marlia: 7th Annual Miss America People's Choice Award!

A wonderful, independently run resource, the I Love Miss America website has opened its seventh annual People's Choice Award. Vote for our Miss Ohio, Marlia, by following these steps, found on the above website:

Email me at with your choices for the Top 10 (PLEASE LIST THEM IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER).

From your Top 10 list select a 4th RU, 3rd RU, 2nd RU, 1st RU, and your choice for Miss America 2006.

Point Values: 10th - 6th will receive 1 points each, 4th RU will receive 2 points, 3rd RU will receive 3 points, 2nd RU will receive 4 points, 1st RU will receive 5 points, and your choice for Miss America 2006 will receive 6 points.

Only one vote per email address PLEASE with the follow exceptions: If one or more people vote from the same email address a short note must explain why. This is being done to take in to account that some people only have one email account and other people do not have their own computer and would need to vote on another person's computer. THIS IS AN HONOR SYSTEM.

Voting ends Friday Jaunary 20, 2006 at 6pm CST

If your ballot does not contain a top10/RU's/and choice for Miss America; it will not be counted (no one name ballots will be counted-you must list 10 contestants and you must select a 4th RU, 3rd RU, 2nd RU , 1st RU, and a winner-REPEAT NO BALLOT WITHOUT THIS INFO WILL BE COUNTED)

THIS IS FOR FUN ONLY. The poll is not sanctioned or endorsed by MAO at all and it has no bearing whatsoever on the final results. This is not a rally around your state's contestant. Only list your state representative if you really feel they will place.

There will be updates throughout the voting period. Check back frequently.

The top 10 will be listed, along with their point totals number in { } is the rank last time the results were posted.

As of now, Marlia has only 21 points, while Miss New York is in the lead with 227 points (go to the I Love Miss America People's Choice Poll page to view all the results). I encourage everyone to review the contestants on one of the following websites and send an email to Larry to vote.

Miss America
Turn for the Judges


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