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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pageant Press: Miss Chillicothe and Miss Teen Chillicothe crowned Saturday

Miss Chillicothe and Miss Teen Chillicothe crowned Saturday

The Gazette Staff
December 6, 2005

Winning Miss Chillicothe isn't the end of the pageant line for Kristen Haas who was crowned Saturday night. She will continue on to the Miss Ohio pageant June 21 through June 24 and if successful there, she will venture to the Miss America pageant, said Miss Chillicothe organizer Theresa George.

George and other organizers will stick with Haas in the coming months as part of a team that prepares her for an interview, makes sure she has the necessary wardrobe and is up to date on current events.

[Above L-R: 2nd runner up Katie Camp, Miss Chillicothe Kristin Haas and 1st runner up Sophia Davis; to the left, Miss Teen Chillocothe, Kelsey Ballew]

The article above is from the
Chillicothe Gazette, though I found it first copied onto a national, unofficial Miss America message board (a.k.a. gossip/ chat board, forum, whatever you like to call them). This is quite impressive because right now the board is a buzz with speculation on who will win Miss America and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything about an Ohio local on one before!

In the photo above, Kristin is on a cell phone, Renee’s blog reported that her parents were not able to attend, so I would assume they were one of her first calls. As for the Miss Chillicothe teen, I have no idea who she is and had not heard such a pageant was taking place, but congrats, Kelsey! I assume she'll go on to compete for Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen. (If anyone has more information on her, please leave a comment.)

I am also amused to report that after all this blogging, I think I've finally learned how to spell Chilo... Chillikath... well, maybe not, LOL! :)


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