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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry Mayhem, Kwanza Quarrels, Christmas Chaos, Channukah Heckling, Sadened Santa… as if the holidays aren’t disfunctional enough!

Here in Ohio the ground is covered in white and shopping centers are hellacious. That means but one thing, it is the holiday season. I hope everyone finds their celebrations enjoyable and safe.

For whatever reason, this season much controversy has arouse around what to call things. The whole issue surrounding the holidays reminds me of the nature of a Blog: a place to assert ones opinions. Sometimes I tend to do less of that in my blogging, and more reporting.

I’ve heard Target has policies this year mandating that only “Happy Holidays” can be said/written in their promotions and stores. A customer complained to a local Honda dealership that their “Happy Honda Days” commercials are offensive and they will no longer buy Honda’s unless they say “Merry Christmas.” A state titleholder who keeps a web journal has addressed the issue, taking the “side” of Christmas. The article below says Marlia took questions on this in an interview preparing for Miss America.

While the article doesn’t say what our Miss Ohio’s opinion is, I certainly know mine. I find the whole issue laughable! Why must we argue over such petty things? Why must we ruin the beauty of a wonderful season by insisting on one-sided labels?

Being an advocate of equality, I of course prefer the neutral salutations, unless I know a persons religious preference. Ah, what was that… the key word. Religion. Whereas much of the controversy is coming from those who feel the need to defend their religion, my defense of neutral salutations is based completely on religion. The Neo-con Right seems to forget that much immigration to our country was to escape religious persecution. Insisting on saying only “Merry Christmas” is thoughtless and highly UNinclusive. No one has the right to assume religious affiliation of anyone else or assert superiority of one belief over another; doing so leads to persecution and a quick history lesson prove that is never a good thing! Christmas is not the only religious celebration which takes place during this section of the calendar year.

Additionally the festive nature of late December is simply unavoidable in our society. Even if we do not agree upon “the reason for the season,” everyone has the right to enjoy the jovial nature, lights and love, secular or sacred. For my friends Jeff’s list of holidays, celebrations and events, from Channukah to Festivvus (a la Sienfeld) click
here... Oh, and I guess since this is a pageant oriented Blog, I'll humor the stereotype and mention that Jeff includes World Peace Day. *Insert annoying, unjustified beauty queen joke here.*

When I know someone is specifically Christian, Jewish, atheist, etc. I tailor my wording accordingly, but when addressing a group or individual whose affiliation I don’t know, I find it best to say Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings. So to Target, I say Bravo! And to the complaining Honda customer, I say congratulations on wasting your time by calling a local dealer, as if they have control of national ad campaigns.

And now the dilemma… to post or not to post this? It’s an interesting dichotomy; in pageant interviews a contestant must have a concrete, assertive stance on controversial things like this. However, once you are a titleholder a more delicate approach must be taken as not to offend . But that’s another Blog post for another day. For now I will be confident in broadcasting my opinion of this seasonal issue and say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, or have a great you-fill-in-the-blank. May blissful and safe celebrations of all varieties find everyone.


  • ` Kewl writing style! It's so neat that I decided to read this post all the way through.
    ` Eh, it takes a lot to keep my attention.

    ` I'm glad I moved from Ohio and nearly up to British Columbia. There's so much culture around here that I haven't heard 'Merry Christmas' yet!

    ` Also, when it snows more than a half inch, people abandon their four wheel drive vehicles along the side of the road, and all the schools are closed.
    ` Thankfully, it only snows twice a year - there's not exactly any such thing as 'ocean effect' snow....
    ` Also, no hot days, despite the fact that there are no clouds during the summer.
    ` And no thunder. People actually scream when they see lightning!

    ` ...Although, last week the bomb squad dropped by to detonate a suspicious bookbag. Other than that, the weather is boring. I mean... mild.

    ` Well, better go, as I'm being a random, rambling stranger.

    By Blogger Spoony Quine, at 1:00 AM  

  • Hello Abby! I was just typing in names of people I was wondering about from High School, and I came across your blog. I'm really happy to see you are following your dreams like people should. I may need some advice about how to do this blogging thing... its sounds very interesting! Good luck in all you do. Hope we can catch up sometime...
    Jamie (Painter) Temple

    By Blogger jamie, at 5:42 PM  

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