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Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Miss Northwestern Ohio Farewell

Below is my farewell letter, as printed in tonight's Miss Northwestern Ohio program book:

A Letter from Miss Northwestern Ohio…

Five years ago I selected Miss Northwestern Ohio as the first Miss Ohio preliminary pageant in which I would compete. Though the results of that night were not as I had wished, I went on to earn three other titles. Receiving the Miss Northwestern Ohio crown last year as my fourth made me feel as though I had come full circle and I eagerly began preparing to become Miss Ohio. I owe much thanks to the Miss Northwestern Ohio committee for their support of my quest. Never have I felt so prepared for anything! Truly, that is all I could ask for; despite my results at Miss Ohio, I have solace in the fact that I would have done nothing differently.

To Jim Estep, I am so grateful to the time and support you gave me; never have I loved performing a talent selection so much!

To Shirley and Marvin LeMaster, thank you for opening your home and hearts to me. I am so appreciative of the mock interviews you organized and hosted; thank you to the committee, board members and community volunteers who participated, making me feel as though there was no question I could not answer! Shirley, you are also to be thanked for my image consultation and your positivity and support to all the contestants.

To Mary Born and Bonnie and Bob Shaw, I thank you too for opening your homes and hearts both to me and this program as wonderful hosts.

To Connie and Gary Konst and Mark and Melissa Schnitkey, I thank you for your support of this program and for making me smile during Miss Ohio week!

To Amy and John Shaw and Randy and Mary Schroeder, your dedication to this program is beyond words. I thank you all so much for being involved in multiple areas of my preparation. For several years I had looked forward to working with you and representing your program and my experience was even better than I had imagined.

To all the committee, board members, hosts, little sis’, production staff, entertainers and donors, I applaud you for giving your support to such a wonderful program.

Over the past few years I have grown up in this program and in addition to the Miss Ohio family, my own family deserves the most thanks. My wonderful parents, Tim and Vickie, have supported me every stiletto-clad step of the way, never missing a pageant. I know I could not have done it without your love. I am also so lucky to be in a committed relationship with someone who truly supports this, and all my endeavors. Thank you, Loren, for your love and putting up with me in the most stressful moments. Also thank you so much to my brothers, Brian and Monte, Maria Jones, the Andersons, The Wolfords, The Tharpe family, Brenda McKinley, Ginny Brandt, Nancy Wheeler and all my friends, family and sponsors.

All the best,


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