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Monday, November 21, 2005

Forensics Feline

I feel like it has been so long since I’ve blogged… but really just a few days as I have been in the world of no internet and five television channels: my parent’s house!

I was going to come back yesterday, but my cat, Fuzzy, and I opted to stay last night and get up bright and early this morning
to be at my 8:30 class at BGSU.

Being that my pageant platform in Successful Higher Education, I would not generally advocate taking animals to class with you. But this wasn’t just any class; it’s the official meeting time for the Forensics (Speech, Debate and Competitive Performance) team.

Stranger things have certainly happened among the Forensics family; in fact no one, including our coach/teacher even asked why my cat was with me. (I commute from 30 minutes north of BG and was not about to get up early enough to take Fuzzy home first, then backtrack.) Rather, upon being hissed at, our coach Paul joked that we had finally gotten sick of Michelle and turned her into a cat! Michelle is our PKD President and the most motivated and committed person I’ve ever met. I believe her absence in today’s class was her first ever for anything Forensics related!
[Above, Fuzzy appears as "Halloween Kitty," complete with what we call "Big Tail," click to enlarge!]

I digress, this evening or tomorrow I’ll blog about a speaking engagement from last week and the reason I was home this weekend, Miss Pam Roessner’s wedding!


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