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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Best of Luck to the Miss Portsmouth and Miss Scioto Valley Scholarship Program Tonight!

Today in Portsmouth Ohio pageant director Greg Davis is putting on quit a production! In addition to crowning two Miss Contestants, two Teens will be crowned and I believe there will be additional “Little Miss and Mister” pageants.

The women doing the crowing are the lovely and talented Roberta Camp [right] and Nanciann Strosnider [left]. At Miss Ohio both these vocalists made the Top Ten. In September I had the pleasure of competing at Ohio USA with 'Berta where she made the Top 16. Nanciann is headed back to Miss Ohio for a third time, having won Miss Lake Erie just last weekend.

Director Greg Davis released the following contestant lists:

Miss Portsmouth/ Miss Scioto Valley contestants:
1. Ashley Hartman
2. Jillian Dansko
3. Cassie Ann Rice
4. Mellissa Marksberry
5. Elizabeth Ann Miller
6. Katie Camp
7. Amy Allen
8. Ashley Brown
9. Holly Sue Harris
10. Morgan Brooke Allard
11. Karissa Martin
12. Christie Youssef
13. Nicole Reidel

Outstanding Teen Contestants:
1. Ashley Miller
2. Emilee Lowe
3. Kayla Reedy
4. Kaci Webb
5. Amber Miller

This pageant will be taking place in the Vern Riffe Center on the campus of Shawnee State University. (This is the same wonderful facility which hosted the Miss Ohio USA pageant.) The Miss pageant begins at 7:30 p.m.
click here or here for more information.

Best of luck to everyone!


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