Being Miss Maumee Valley

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Still Miss Maumee Valley!

As I announced a few posts ago, I’ll be competing in the Miss Ohio USA pageant (September 21-23 in Portsmouth Ohio). Several aspects of this competition are different than Miss Ohio (America).

These pageant systems are both three tier competitions; whereas the Miss America system goes from Miss Local to Miss State to Miss America, the system I am now competing in goes from Miss State to Miss USA to Miss Universe.

Even though contestants enter directly into Miss Ohio USA, we are still identified by a local title, based on the area in which we live. In our paperwork we are asked to submit the name of our city, county, community, township and our area’s nickname. (The reason for submitting a variety of names is in case multiple women from the same area are competing.) I submitted Holland, Lucas County, Springfield Township, Maumee Valley and Strawberry Acres.

I just found out that I will be competing at Miss Ohio USA as Miss Maumee Valley, just as I did at Miss Ohio (America). I think my fans will appreciate the continuity; especially Mom, Dad, and Loren who will be in attendance, and will now not have to remember a new title!

(P.S... Still no word from Fox Toledo, I hope to get a call Monday!)


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