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Friday, August 18, 2006

Face of Fox Toledo: Audition Two

Well, this morning I had my second Face of Fox Toledo audition and it was…. alright, I guess. Nothing went particularly wrong, yet I don’t feel overly confident either.

I had six short prompts to memorize and deliver in ten seconds each. The memorizing was easy; getting it out in ten seconds with gestures, with personality, with enthusiasm and with a “signature move” was not! To complicate matters, the scripts were worded very similarly, yet the differences directly impacted the timing of each of them. So it was a very bad thing when lines like “I wonder why…?” and “Now why would she do that…?” started getting crossed in my mind!

Unlike the first audition there were no cue cards, you really had to have memorized it. The evil in me wonders if any of my competition had counted on the cards and majorly screwed up without them! :)

While I had everything memorized, in retrospect, of course, I wish I would have practiced even more. I did manage to catch a break thanks to technical difficulties. When we thought we were done, they realized the tape had stopped near the end of my audition. So I got another stab at the hardest prompts. You try memorizing this and saying it in ten seconds- it's not possible without sounding like that guy who used to do the Matchbox car commercials:

The day after Thanksgiving, please take time out of your busy shopping day at Westfield Franklin Park to join Tower 98-3 and FOX Toledo in donating to the Salvation Army to help local families in need.
Come on …you’ll be shopping anyway.

I believe my best attempt at the script above was 10.4 seconds. Betsy, the Fox personnel running the auditions, said only two of the eleven contestants got it in time. She also said we all made the same mistakes, like wanting to replace “busy shopping day” with “busy schedule.”

And here’s a fun one for all my readers- we also had to do an improvisational five second station ID to show our fun and creativity. You could do or say whatever you wanted, but it had to include “Fox Toledo,” preferably even “Just You Watch Fox Toledo” with your signature move if you could get it all out in time, and the following holiday: National Underwear Day.

No joke!
National Underwear Day was actually August 9, but for the purpose of the improv exercise, I was told to say it’s this Saturday.

I’d rather not share what I did, as I wasn’t sure if it was even appropriate this morning. But, Betsy told me to go for it and I could redo it if need be; no redo necessary, she said it was one of the funniest! She and her assistant joked about what other employees around the station said they would have done with it.

Take a moment… ponder… laugh… What would your five second National Underwear Day station ID have been? Post it as a comment!

And now, just like after a pageant interview, I’m rehashing every thing that happened this morning. I don’t know if my less than confident reaction is legitimate, or if I’m just being extremely hard on myself because I really want and need this. The judges will be reviewing what was taped this morning over the next few days and they’ll let us know on Wednesday who made the Top Three.

This is going to be a LONG five days!


  • I would have said something about "Don't get caught with your pants down - just you watch Fox Toledo"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 AM  

  • Hahahaha.... good one Amber!


    By Blogger Abby Bollenbacher, at 11:00 AM  

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