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Monday, July 03, 2006

Front Page News

One more day comes to a close...

My day began with some incredible news. One of Abby's directors, Eric, called me this morning and asked if I had seen the paper. After responding no, he revealed that Abby was on the front page as you can see in the picture below. As you can imagine, I rushed downstairs to see for myself and bought the last 3 papers in the machine as momentos.

The car that I drove Abby in was a 2006 Honda S2000 kindly provided by the dealership I work for, Brown Honda. This specific car, unlike previous years, was sold just prior to the parade. The future owner was kind enough to allow me to use the car anyway knowing that it was a planned event. In return Abby is including an autographed photo and a copy of the newspaper with her new car on the front page.

Later this morning we made the trip back to Toledo to drop off the car and pick up some things from the house that I will need for later on in the week (clothes, etc). On our return trip, we took a detour toward Columbus although not planned...really just a wrong turn. Fortunately we realized our mistake only 13 miles off course. We promptly made an adjustment and were on our way to see Abby at Applebee's.

Like last year, the MO contestants were collecting donations from the guests and assisting the wait staff. As you can see, we use every opportunity to get a few moments with our favorite contestant.

We had a nice dinner at Applebees and spent a short time visiting with Abby and the other contestants, many of whom recognize Abby's parents and were kind enough to stop by our table and say hello. One of whom was the current Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine. This is definitely an incredible group of women competing this year an I look forward to watching the onstage competition and you all know who I'll be cheering for............



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