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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Everyone Loves a Parade

Well, day 2 is complete and I have pics to share...

Today I had the privlage of driving Abby in the Miss Ohio parade. Fortunately the rain stopped long enough for the parade to take place. I wasn't so sure that was going to happen after driving through rain all the way from Toledo. The end result was a beautiful parade highlighting 24 wonderful contestants.

After wiping the car off after the rain and much anticipation, Abby emerged from the Key Bank where the parade starts after having her "show me your shoe" judged. I waited patiently across the street so as to get a shot of her with Ginny walking over to sign autographs for the local Brownies.

I love to see Abby interact with the young girls who get so excited just to see her and the other contestants. She has a way with these girls that displays her ability to be a wonderful role model. Just look at the smiles on their faces!

We (Abby's parents and myself) do our best to see Abby at every opportunity. The girls participate in a variety of public appearances and we try to attend as many of these as we can. For example, the girls are waitressing at the local Applebee's tomorrow evening, so you can probably guess where we are eating.

Other than these public appearances the girls are working out, rehearsing, recording voice overs, learning dance routines, doing interviews and with what time is left sleeping. Every one of these women work very hard and put in countless hours every day not only in an attempt to win the competiton but also to put on a terrific show for the fans.

At the end of the parade route the ladies are escorted from their vehicle by a serviceman where they take their place on a raised platform until the parade has completed. Once the parade is over, the girls are gathered for a brief photo-op (picture above) and then whisked away yet again by their chaperones.

Tomorrow, I am taking the convertible back to Toledo and returning to spend the rest of the week here in Mansfield. I am anxiously awaiting dinner tomorrow evening as it is my next opportunity to spend a few moments with my wonderful girlfriend...till then.



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