Being Miss Maumee Valley

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Congratulations to Tonight's Winners!

Miss West Central Ohio

Miss West Central Ohio: Jessica Barrett
1st Runner-up: Marisa Minor
2nd Runner-up: Ashley Rodabaugh
3rd Runner-up: Grace Caudill

Outstanding Talent: Jessica Barrett
Service Award: Amanda Sampson
Spirit Award: Jenelle Fleagle
Ticket Award: Joy Fleagle

Miss Greater Cleveland

Miss Greater Cleveland: Elyse Healey
1st Runner-up: Kristen Haas
2nd Runner-up: Andrea Andryscik
3rd Runner-up: Brianna Savoca
4th Runner-up: Ashley Brown

Outstanding Talent: Elyse Healey
Outstanding Interview: Andrea Andryscik
Outstanding Evening Gown: Elyse Healey
Outstanding Swimsuit: Elyse Healey

Miss Ohio Valley

Miss Ohio Valley: Allison West
1st Runner-up: Brandi Herceg
2nd Runner-up: Sarah Mayher

Outstanding Interview: Amy Colantoni and Aubrey Bodo (tie)
Outstanding Talent: Sarah Mayher
Outstanding Swimsuit: Tacy Kirk


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