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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Miss Ohio Schedule of Events

People are always surprised to learn that Miss Ohio contestants are required to arrive in Mansfield several days before competition begins. The purpose of this is for amble production practice and so we can participate in public events. In the past there was a ‘Miss Ohio Festival,’ but since this years competition falls near the Fourth of July holiday weekend, contestants will be attending other holiday festivals.

If you are planning to attend, please read the following schedule carefully, as the public is not allowed everywhere the contestants go:

Friday June 30:
Optional arrival/move in at your hostess’ home.

Saturday July 1:
8 a.m.: The Miss Ohio 5k run at Lahm Airport; the 5k has always been optional for contestants and I’ve always opted out, but since this year is my last I decided to go for it! My boyfriend and I have been dedicated to our training and looking forward to the race… Note, however, that we’re proud of ourselves just knowing we can finish; we’re not looking to win or break any world records or anything!

11 a.m.: All contestants must be moved into their host home and be ready to be picked up by their chaperone.

Afternoon: All contestants will attend the Ontario Fourth of July Festival for public introductions, an autograph signing and lunch.

4-5:15 p.m.: We’ll be back in Mansfield for a media reception at Sweet Basil’s, open only to members of the press. If you are press and would like to attend, see the post below. (For anyone coming to Mansfield, Sweet Basil’s is a delicious eatery!)

Evening: The first day for contestants concludes with more introduction, more autograph signing and fireworks at the Mansfield Motor Speedway’s Freedom Festival.

Sunday July 2:
Sunday always starts with brunch at Applebee’s (contestants only), followed by an autograph signing with the local Girl Scouts.

2 p.m.: The Miss Ohio parade, downtown Mansfield.

After the parade, contestants usually have a private, tasty meal at the Elks, then it’s a long night of rehearsal and recording. To create a fuller sound for the production numbers, they like to prerecord the contestants singing some of the songs. As a result, during the shows we’re constantly being reminded to sing, or at least lip it, because it looks pretty silly when the audience can hear us, but none of our mouths are moving!

Monday July 3:
Like Sunday, Monday is a long day consisting mostly of rehearsal. The Renaissance Theatre is closed to the public so the production staff and contestants can concentrate.

5-7 p.m.: The public is invited to the Miss Ohio Celebrity Waitressing Challenge; half the contestants will be at Applebee’s and half at O’Charley’s; I’m not yet sure where I’ll be. As a former waitress, I was disappointed last year, the first attempt at this event, that contestants don’t actually wait on the tables, rather we go around selling paper crowns as a fund raiser and taking photos with the patrons. (The crowns are then hung up, like the Children’s Miracle Network balloons often sold in grocery stores.)

Tuesday July 4:
Tuesday marks the beginning of competition for two-thirds of the contestants! The first flight of contestants, numbers 1 through 8 will have their private interviews in the morning; and the second flight, numbers 9 through 16 will have them in the afternoon while my flight, numbers 17 through 24 will be at rehearsal.

The theatre is again closed to the public all day Tuesday, “public” included contestant’s parents and local pageant directors. Thankfully it has never been my experience, but sometimes a contestant’s “supporters” can become overbearing during pageant week, therefore Miss Ohio has strict visitation rules. As a contestant, you can never go anywhere or talk to anyone without your chaperone present.

This day is an exception, because it is a holiday, contestants will be allowed to go with their family or local directors (without their chaperone) for two hours for dinner.

Wednesday July 5:
Wednesday is a high energy day, as the waiting stops and the competition starts for everyone!

My flight, contestants 17 through 24, will have our private interviews in the morning, while women competing in Talent that night, contestants 1 through 8 will have their official talent run-throughs. At this point the theatre is open for people to observe the rehearsals. Badge holders (parents and local directors and committee members) get in for free, while other friends and family pay a small fee, a dollar or two, I believe.

Contestants attend a luncheon with the Mansfield Noon Optimist; the public can also pre-purchase tickets, making this another opportunity for family and friend to see their contestant.

1-4 p.m.: Contestants then have a dress rehearsal for the show to follow; the theatre remains open to the public.

7:05 p.m.: The first preliminary night of Miss Ohio competition begins!
The first flight, contestants 1 through 8 will compete in Talent competition.
The second flight, contestants 9 through 16 will compete in Evening Gown and Onstage Question.
My flight, contestants 17 through 24 will compete in Swimsuit.

During each preliminary night awards are given to the highest scored Talent and Swimsuit; following the show those contestants are whisked away to a press interview. Everyone else changes quickly and heads out into the audience, with their chaperone, to visit for only five or ten minutes with their friends and family.

Thursday July 6:
10 a.m.: Contestants 9 through 16 have morning Talent rehearsal.

1-4 p.m.: Everyone has a full dress rehearsal in the afternoon and again, the theatre is open for the public to observe rehearsals.

7:05 p.m.: The second night of preliminary competition begins!
The first flight, contestants 1 through 8 will compete in Swimsuit.
The second flight, contestants 9 through 16 will compete in Talent competition.
My flight, contestants 17 through 24 will compete in Evening Gown and Onstage Question.

Again, after the show preliminary winners meet the press while everyone else very very quickly meet with their friends and family. Then contestants are taken back to their host homes, while Badge holders are off to a party… On this night they’re having the local directors talent contestant, and I’ve heard it gets pretty wild and crazy!

Friday July 7:
10 a.m.: My flight, contestants 17 through 24 will have morning Talent rehearsal.

1-2:30 p.m.: Everyone will participate in the afternoon dress rehearsal.

7:05 p.m.: The final night of preliminary competition takes place; this is also usually the night the reigning Miss Ohio says her farewell.
The first flight, contestants 1 through 8 will compete in Evening Gown and Onstage Question.
The second flight, contestants 9 through 16 will compete in Swimsuit competition.
My flight, contestants 17 through 24 will compete in Talent.

After the pageant it’s the same drill for contestants, but the public can attend a Grovin’ 60s party at the Holiday Inn next to the theatre; tickets are $6, or $4 if you’re in costume.

Saturday July 8:
Saturday is the worst day of the week, in my opinion, due to the tension and anticipation for the final night of competition.

Contestants will have brunch at the Mansfield Women’s Club, which is always on of the best, most anticipated meals of the week.
Instead of the traditional parent’s brunch, parents and local directors will have a half hour of visitation with the contestants. This will be the contestant’s last contact with family until after the show, as the theatre is closed all day Saturday.

7:30 p.m.: The Miss Ohio Final night begins! The Top 10 is announced and those women compete again in Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Talent, the Top 5 then answers an Onstage Question and a new Miss Ohio is crowned. Non-finalist are still seen onstage in the production numbers.

A coronation ball follows the pageant next door at the Holiday Inn. While my family and I have always gone and had a great time, last year it was made a requirement for all the contestants. The contestants will be introduced and a few more awards will be given out. There will be dancing, snacks and drinks. Badge holders are admitted for free; it is $5 at the door for everyone else.

This information came from the Miss Ohio website and my contestant information.


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