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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Indy 500 Photos


The raceway is right in the middle of a neighborhood. I didn't experience any of metro Indy; in fact, it looked like Celina (home of Miss Lake Festival). All the home owners within a mile radius sold their lawns as parking, we were told it's standard practice twice a year for the big races.

New and vintage planes flew over before the race.

Again, we were right across from the pagoda, thus the start/finish line.

On the left, Staind plays on one of the lower levels of the pagoda; On the right, each driver takes their “pit” stop in front of where their name is painted on that cement wall.

Here Loren makes me pose by a race car on display in the infield.

On the left, I am saying “It is too hot and bright out here!”
On the right, the group I went with in our fab seats.

Blogger is being a huge pain... so more photos are in the post below...


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