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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Redneck Round-up

Warning: this may be offensive to some.

[Our redneck family, L-R: Lew, Kenny, Sarah S., Abby, Mike, Michelle, Sarah G., J*Cole, Kent, Anna and Johnny]

Right now I am sitting in BGSU's Olscamp lecture hall between a food table which includes pork rinds, puppy chow and weenies in bbq sauce and a giant projector screen playing Blue Collar Comedy Tour- The Movie. Believe it or not, I am at a Forensics tournament, not a normal tournament, but a tournament nonetheless. Forensics can be such a serious, stuffy activity that to spice things up a bit some tournaments are themed, like the Valentines Day tournament we recently attended at the University of Michigan.

So, BG’s PKD President decided to host a “Redneck Round-up.” Let me tell ya’ll, dressed in our redneck garb, we are quite a sight to behold! Of course competitors are in professional attire, but most of BG’s team is working the tournament. I am the lounge hostess, which means I change the movies, stir the weenies, stock the soda and sit here dressed adorably Daisy Duke-esque. Check out our redneck family photo above and below…

[Our women, top L-R: Abby, Anna, J*Cole and Sarah G.; bottom, Michelle and Sarah S.]

Our awards are homemade from old hood ornaments and our registration table is guarded by a target practice deer… among other things. While it’s not exactly my scene, we’ve all embraced this tournament and are having a lot of fun.

[Our men-folk, L-R: Johnny, Kent, Lew, Kenny and Mike.]

While we did receive a complaint from a student in West Virginia, everyone here seems to be enjoying our tournament. Special thanks to Ryan, Jeff and Heather for loaning/delivering movies including the new Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit for our use, Dr Miller for loaning me a line dancing tape and my parents for the decorations.


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