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Friday, February 03, 2006

Best of Luck to the Miss Maple City Program Tomorrow Night!

All day tomorrow I'll be proctoring the Huron Playhouse auditions for BG's Theatre Department, but as soon as that's over, I'm off to Norwalk Ohio for Miss Maple City. The lovely Natalie Hileman, who was in the Top Ten at Miss Ohio, will be giving up her title to one of the following thirteen ladies (of which I have photos, but blogger is refusing to upload at this time):

Andrea Andryscik, a vocalist who attends Kent State and advocates Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention as her platform.

I couldn't find any conclusive information on Sarah Blaney.

Carissa Cook competed at Miss Ohio last year as Miss Ohio Valley; she is a tap dancer who attends Ohio University. Her platform is "The Gift of Life" Organ Donation Awareness.

Sophia Davis is a dancer who attends Miami University.

Jodi Greene promotes Blood and Plasma Donation. She is a vocalist attending Ohio State University.

Lauren Hogan is a vocalist who attends Bowling Green State University. She advocates Sex Education as her platform.

Erin Jeffrey competed at Miss Ohio last year as Miss Ohio River; she is a vocalist who attends the University of Cincinnatiatti, she supports the troops with her "Operation We Remember" platform.

Allie Krucek also competed at Miss Ohio last year as Miss Open City. She is a dancer who attends The University of Toledo and advocated Childhood Health.

According to Facebook, Corynne Long is an undergrad at Defiance College.

Rachel Maris is a vocalist who attends Ohio Northern University. She advocates Pediatrictric Eye Examinations.

Heather Strickland attends Kent State University and will sing or interpret poetry for her talent. Heather works with D.A.R.E. and advocated drug prevention as her platform.

A Google search revealed that Megan Wombacker is a Kent State student who has competed in Miss Pennsylvania America and USA in the past.

Janelle Zindroski attends Bowling Green State University; for her talent she sings and plays the bagpipes. Her platform is "Embrace Our Children To Secure Our Future."

*Note, the above information is from a variety of sources, if anything is incorrect or has changed, please leave a comment so I can fix it. Thanks and good luck to all!


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