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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Springboard! Session 3: Looking Ahead

What is Springboard!? Click here.

Today’s learning outcomes: Presenting, Self-Assurance and Writing

We began by watching the “Getting to Know You” speeches recorded last week. Watching ones self can be just as hard as standing up in front of people in the first place, but we use a twenty-one point chart to analyze the presentation and learn from it. It’s always important to focus on what is being done well first; coaches must learn how to deliver constructive criticism and we try to follow the guide of giving ten positive comments to every need for improvement.

Next, as homework we asked the freshmen to bring their syllabi and day planners to class today. We offered them a worksheet of what to pay attention to in syllabi, like attendance policies, general types of assignments and due dates and encourage them to ask professors about anything unclear. Further, we encourage them to write all due dates in some sort of planner early in the semester, as to see when “crunch weeks” will occur so they can plan ahead. We offer tips for list making, color coding, etc. I’m an extremely organized person in this respect, so much of what we teach today seems really obvious to me and I can’t understand how people function without planners and lists. But this is such an important session for students who maybe didn’t keep planners in high school, or don’t know how to be organized, especially within the new independence and increased workload of college.

Finally, freshmen are introduced to their first Springboard! writing assignment, a one page paper establishing their goals for the year.


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