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Monday, January 09, 2006

Miss Ohio Week 2006 Update

As I reported in the post below, the dates for Miss Ohio 2006 have been pushed back. Details in the email to contestants and local directors from Board President Steven Oliveri are below:

A lot has been going on regarding scheduling the last few weeks and we have been working hard to look into all sides so we can pick the best possible date to hold Miss Ohio in 2006. We are officially changing the Miss Ohio 2006 week to conclude on Saturday, July 8, 2006!

Since this does cross over on a holiday weekend and the Freedom Festival is schedule that weekend at the race track, we are unsure about plans for a downtown festival at this time. We are working on each of the other events to determine the exact impact of the change.

Unlike in the past, I have secured all rooms at the Holiday Inn for this years Miss Ohio Week. In case you are not aware, the Ambassador has been closed and rumor has it that he Merritt is next. For those that will need a hotel room for the week, I suggest that you book your room at the Holiday Inn ASAP as we are preparing to announce the change to the general public later today. You will need to contact the Holiday Inn directly and be sure to indicate that you are booking under the MISS OHIO BLOCK. If not, they may tell you that they are full and not accepting reservations. If you try to book online you will find that there is NO AVAILABILITY.

Booking under our block will get you a standard room for $99.00 per night with a four night minimum, otherwise it will be $129.00 per night. Suites are available at $149.00 but requires a four night minimum.

This has not been an easy task and I am sure the work ahead will be more difficult that what we have done the last two weeks. I want to thank Terri and John Kunkel for their hard work in communication and securing our crews and resources for Miss Ohio Week. The reason we have such a great Miss Ohio week each year is because we have so many people doing everything so well that has become transparent. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, we have mapped out Miss Ohio week for the next five years and will review at the next board meeting.



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