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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Links Post

When I recently selected a new look for my Blog, I considered also updating my “links,” but opted to keep them concise. So instead, I thought I’d dedicate a post to them, but then I went a little crazy tracking down former Miss Americas on the internet... I'm not a cyber-stalker, really, just a bit of an insomniac and this is what I do when I'm not sleeping. Enjoy!

Official Pageant Websites

Miss Ohio
National Sweetheart Pageant

Official Miss Ohio Local Websites

Former Miss America’s Websites
Kellye Cash ('87)
Meghan Miller (MAO Teen '05)

Other Pageant Resources
Turn for the Judges
JeffMac's Blog of Optimistic Pessimism

Sponsors: Mine and those of the Miss Maumee Valley program

My Life

***To correct, request removal or suggest additional sites, please leave a comment or email me***


  • Thanks for including me! I like it alot! If I can remember i'll link back to you when I get home from work :)

    By Blogger Morris, at 2:47 AM  

  • Hi Abby...this is Mary Krouse, Miss Marion Popcorn Festival.. your blog is great! Congrats on your impending graduation. Thought I should share with you my blog:

    Take care,


    By Blogger CROWNING ACHIEVEMENTS, at 6:06 AM  

  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself and sharing your Blog! I’ve added it above. Last year at Miss Ohio, Katelyn O. and I were roommates and she spoke very highly of you! Can’t wait to meet you in person at Spring Forum, if not before.


    By Blogger Abby Bollenbacher, at 12:21 PM  

  • Yeah Abby! Super yeah! What a cool way to share our resources! I love this post! I had no idea we had so many bloggers! It's nice to know that we are not the only addicts!


    By Blogger Missohio5, at 4:54 PM  

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