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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fashion Tips from Miss America Contestants

Are you in need of some fashion advice for the New Year? Then visit CMT's Miss America page where the fifty-two women vying for the Miss America crown offer some fun tips. My favorites are below:

Miss Alabama, Alexa Jones:
Confidence is always the most attractive item you can wear. Being comfortable in your own style and who you are is very alluring. It also doesn't hurt to wear a fabulous pair of shoes!

Miss Arizona, Aubrey Sibley:
When in doubt, wear stilettos!

Miss Arkansas, Eudora Mosby:
Just because a store carries it doesn't mean that all of us should wear it. Have common sense and realize everyone can't wear everything. Always choose the garment that compliments your body the best, and you will ALWAYS be fashionable.

Miss District of Columbia, Shannon Schambeau:
You can look hip and contemporary on a shoestring budget by purchasing clothes that already go with things in your closet. Learn to coordinate your clothes properly and you can have many different outfits by just buying one or two blouses and a pair of pants.

Miss Florida, Mari Frances Wilensky:
Dare to be different!

Miss Idaho, Tracey Brown:
You don't have to spend a fortune to be stylish. Find your favorite looks from fashion magazines, but purchase the trendy pieces, which are quick to go out of style, at reasonably priced stores like Target or TJ Maxx.

Miss Iowa, Kay Pauszek:
The color of your clothing should compliment your hair color and skin tone. Example, light blue clothing compliments women with blond and blue eyes.

Miss Kansas, Adrienne Rosel:
Be a little different: design and taste make more of a statement than the brand name alone.

Miss Louisiana, Molly Clare Causey:
Always be comfortable and like what you're wearing. I always feel more relaxed and confident when I like what I have on.

Miss Maine, Megan Beals:
Clothes should fit your body style and personality.

Miss Missouri, Stacie Cooley:
Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Accessorize wisely!

Miss Nebraska, Kelly Keiser:
Classic black never goes out of style.

Miss New Jersey, Julie Robenhymer:
Only wear clothes that look good on YOU. If it's in fashion but doesn't suit your body type DON'T BUY IT!

Miss New Mexico, Ane C. Romero:
Never wait for a special day to dress up because every day is a special day to celebrate the wonderful you.

Miss Ohio, Marlia Fontaine:
Build an outfit around one accessory. For instance, if there is a fun belt you just can't pass up, make that the excuse for finding the perfect pants, top, shoes, etc. to go with it!

Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry:
When you don't know what to wear, always lean towards the dressier side. Dress up rather than dress down. That way, you won't be underdressed, and you will always look great. The most important item for a girl to own is a black dress. It always makes you look and feel great whenever you wear it.

Miss South Carolina, Erika Grace Powell:
Wear clothing that leaves people remembering who you are, not what you wore.

I think this is great; Miss State and Miss America should be a fashionista that the masses look to, just like movie stars. Hopefully CMT will also show the other side of Miss America’s responsibilities by publishing what these fifty-two young women plan to do with the title, like a political campaign.


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