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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vote for Miss America's Outstanding Teen's Abner Smooch

This summer Miss America’s first Outstanding Teen was crowned, Meghan Miller. For those who don’t recall, her talent was ventriloquism. I guess her male puppet got a bit jealous of Meghan’s success, because now he has entered a contest of his own kind! Rather than a crown, puppet Abner Smooch would like to win a temporary spot on Broadway. The musical Avenue Q has launched a “One-night Stand” contest, in which a guest puppet will join a performance.

Now before you go to the website to vote for Abner Smooch, those unfamiliar with the show should know that it’s not your 5 year olds puppet show. Entertainment Weekly said, “To call it a ''puppet show'' does it a disservice. '''Sesame Street' for grown-ups'' isn't right either. There's no handy way to describe ''Avenue Q,'' except as the furriest, and one of the funniest, shows you're likely ever to see.” Though the characters are puppets, the content is completely adult. Be warned, the song’s include “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today” with Garry Coleman and Lucy the Slut as characters.

Needless to say, unlike tunes from Wicked, I don’t think Avenue Q songs will be cut to two minutes and performed at a pageant anytime soon! This has already led to discussion asking if this is an appropriate show for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen’s puppet? What do you think? Leave a comment.

I think this is an excellent opportunity for Meghan personally as well as great exposure for the Miss America program. To be frank, individuals who are not conversant of musical theatre will not know or care about Avenue Q’s subject matter, and will simply be impressed by the words “on Broadway.” Whereas those who know Avenue Q likely also realize this show is just taking a comedic, cutting edge approach to very real issues, just like the interracial relationships in Show Boat and West Side Story were very controversial in their days. And those are just two examples; art reflects life, ALL of life, not just the pleasant parts. We are to interpret that reflection; to each their own… love it, hate it, take it, leave it…

I have always thought Miss America should have national exposure that compliments her. It’s fabulous that last years Tony Award for Best Musical went to a show that is Meghan’s talent and now she has a chance to be a part of it!

So, to vote for Abner Smooch, go to Avenue Q's One Night Stand contest.


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